Alp 2020 day 5

Alp has a funny solution to picking up too much speed – the legs/skis go as wide apart as possible. This is clearly a way of retaining stability – and it works – but doesn’t give much choice of trajectory! Most of the time I’m shouting to Alp to bring his uphill ski down closer to the other one – so he can use it to push the body into the new turn and still be able to pull the front of the ski inwards. When he listens it works – but if the concentration goes then it’s legs wide apart and both skis on their inside edges. However – he enjoys this and the kamikaze trajectories are becoming less frequent – except when I videoed him and he went off like a rocket…

We later worked on jumping and swinging the airborne skis into the start of the turn downhill – much simpler than fine pivoting skills and it worked – except he’s a bit too lazy to want to do this too much. He’s going to be tired after tomorrow because I have a lot of jumping practice in mind!

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