Derin 2020 day 4

The following video is the first time ever that Derin has asked me to film anything!

There would have been a ski video too but we ran out of time and consequently skied from the top of the Borsat to the Bollin residence without a single stop – and quickly!

Today we worked mainly on increasing dynamics. Before skiing I explained to Derin how she was tending to ski in “two dimensions” and how this encouraged her to twist the skis into the turn and to stay perfectly upright. Our real goal with dynamics is to ski in three dimensions – the ski making its own banked track and the skier inclined toward the centre of the arc – with no twisting actions.

Derin was trying to work with this and I assured her that this was the most important thing. Sometimes it can take many years to fully sense and understand something but the point is to always be working towards it.

Part of dynamics is also “getting out” of the turn and this means coming out of the turn over the downhill ski (while still standing on that leg) – something that can feel very scary initially. We worked on that on steeper terrain to make the turn transitions quicker and more secure. I’m gradually trying to equip Derin for skiing in more demanding terrain – but currently she’s ill at ease with anything more than a blue run – which she often insists is “black” anyway.

Skating was revisited to provide the correct timing for dynamics and support for coming out of the turn up and over the downhill ski. That’s when we ran out of time with our excursion to the start of the Val d’Isère glacier and return route home. To be continued…

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