Skiing fitness…

Bit of a lull in the teaching just now – late January being a very quiet period with few people on holiday. This would be an ideal time for people to come out skiing because there is less crowding. Personally I always try to organise myself to avoid the crowds – but then I’ve never followed the crowd.
Took advantage of the down time to get back on the bike – indoor trainer (virtual reality). Was amazed that I haven’t lost a lot of power since peaking back in late October. Back then I could average 224 Watts output for a course of 01:06:10 hrs but yesterday managed 215 Watts over 01:08:40 hrs. The only real difference was an average heart rate of 161 instead of 149 back in October.
Downhill skiing is definitely not great for fitness but there is usually quite a bit of skating around during the day. Still, I’m surprised not to see a greater drop off in fitness. Weight is going up quite rapidly though so at the end of this month it will be time to discipline all of that and get it under control – so that the entire summer is not spent sorting it out once again! I’m one of those people designed to survive an ice age – not global warming. Just looking at food causes a weight increase.

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