Tignes Skiing–then Cycling in the Tarentaise valley.

Today was just an exercise in getting the slalom poles up the mountain and checking out the terrain and options for the forthcoming race training. The sun was out and the temperature rising – but the snow remained cold and in perfect condition. Photo at 3500m T-bar. View just beside La Grande Casse – from the Tignes Glacier… This image is interesting with the contrasting shadows… Went cycling around the valley later in the afternoon. This is looking up the Nancroix valley – where the water comes down from the Mont Pourri glacier up high on the left. It’s where we go to soak in cold, clear and clean water – for Cold Thermogenesis. Mont Pourri closer up… Even closer… Looking along the valley towards Moutiers – the sun showing up the cold mist in the air… Same again but slightly to the north east side of the valley… (Mont Pourri is North West) This time down to the valley floor  – looking North across to the Nancroix valley – the cycling loop running east/west – returning home later through the village bottom lest of screen…

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