Derin Day 6

Today was another non-stop trip to Le Fornet but we managed a little bit more technical work along the way. Due to the constraint of trying to cover terrain and the limited time with a “half day” the coaching side of things becomes much more pressured – but Derin still responds very positively. We worked on both improving carving and control on the steeps. There wasn’t much time for explanations so it was “on the go” coaching – some of which was filmed…



Short Swings

Derin standing in a sentry post constructed by Napoleon Bonaparte – they are spaced about 100 metres apart and were used for sending messages across the Alps by shouting…  
The South side of Mont Blanc in all it’s dramatic glory. At the foot of this side was the Italian Celtic “Bear” clan – the Aosta valley having a long Celtic tradition and standing stone circles still present on the hilltop border with France. The Centre of the Celtic world was actually in Ankara.

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