Sally, Julia, Kat, Stanly, Billy 1

You really have to be relaxed to learn physical skills – so considering the entire group had been stressed to the limits with “La Plagne Logistics” it was relatively surprising that the session went as well as it did – with good humour and enthusiasm. The wide range of differences in the group meant that progress was perhaps a little slow – but everyone got to a level that they could continue to practise confidently on their own later in the day.

My normal skating/dynamics based progression for total beginners was used and as there was nothing unusual to note we can just refer to my set demos and explanations which are found here

The video shows the progression from first wobbly skate/step turns to mainly basic parallel turning in about an hour on the slope. There was a full spectrum of reactions and outcomes among group members – some being more relaxed and feeling things and some being tense – but everyone basically getting there.

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