Alex, Daisy, Tallulah Slalom

Alex – working on speed.

  • Control of rotation
  • Control of angulation linked to forward pressure
  • Apexing short and sharp beside the pole
  • Strong extension/early forward pressure
  • Return to strong dynamics

Daisy – consolidating

  • Working on using adductors on both legs
  • Short turns (not long sleepy ones)
  • Control of hands
  • Control of angulation and forward pressure
  • Close line to the poles – using shin guards more – less hands

Tallulah – squashing her body because she turns and brakes – probably due to steepness. Getting forwards doesn’t mean let the posture collapse! (Alex used to do that too!) Next to impossible to get a kid off the backs of the ski boots – which is why I’m glad it’s Bernie’s job!

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