Derin 2023 day 6

Today Derin didn’t believe that in yesterday’s blog she really looked similar to Mikaela Shiffrin skiing. Mikaela Shiffrin was using angulation in a tight turn and Derin was free skiing and just using inclination quite correctly. Hip angulation is used to both stay on the fronts of the skis and to enable agility in tight turns as the centre of mass both enters and exits the turn more rapidly. Today we were able to look into “hip angulation” more deeply than before. Angulation is a way to increase edge angle relative to the centre of mass inclination – this is used to make the carved turns sharp and agile.

Derin skiing with hip angulation
Derin tilting forward from the hip joint – perched on one hip
Now the tilted upper body is rotated on the single hip joint
Not forgetting to keep the stretch between the hip and the front rib cage
This produces the angulation
When skiing inclination is added overall
Angulation +inclination (but the slope needs to tilt the opposite direction!)

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