Derin 2023 day 7

Unfortunately there was no time for filming today but we have some nice photos!

Derin took the silver medal in the Fl├Ęche (Giant Slalom) having never been down a race course before – not even this one – there was no race training. Her big sister Berin also took an excellent Gold.

Five minutes before the race Derin was in a high speed collision with a snowboarder which fortunately produced no serious injuries – but she had a considerable shock that left her a bit shaken. Not exactly the sort of thing you need right before your first ever run down a race course. Derin’s strength of character shone through and she didn’t let the incident interfere with her race.

Bruno did an excellent job of persuading the organisers to allow another two runs for each of them – this involved blowing a whistle at them, shouting from the chairlift and telephoning – all to perfect effect.

Derin skied much better than her results show – her own speed was her worst enemy because of her complete lack of race experience. The speed made her later and later and later in her turns – almost having to climb back up the hill to get around each consecutive gate. That’s absolutely normal and it’s why we train for slalom – and why doing so produces the best skiers.

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