Alp 2023 day 4

Good work from Alp skating from his uphill leg to start each turn – there is enough visible dynamic movement of his body to make it work. Continue to focus on the skating. The skating develops independent leg action – skiing is a “one legged” sport. Being on one leg makes the body reflexively centre itself so there’s no ending up in the backs of the skis boots. Work on moderate slopes – blue runs. Keep speed down until it feels comfortable to go faster. Come forward (balls of feet) to start the turn – while still on the uphill edges of the skis – weighting the front of the uphill ski as the uphill leg extends to skate the body (centre of mass) downhill into the turn.

Remember to pull the hip back on the supporting/skating leg as the turn progresses! When you do it your rotation will be much less.

Alp – don’t be scared to “fall” over into a turn – here is what we want to see… (Haluk will demonstrate tomorrow!) (This is a “proper” skating action!)

This photo was taken by Alp Рthe Tovi̬re station

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