Alex, Daisy, Tallulah Slalom

Alex – good strong and fast run – getting consistent and so able to focus on adapting rather than just surviving – this makes progress happen.

Daisy – well motivated to improve and this brought great results today. We worked outside the course with a very wide stance allowing completely independent leg action – the downhill leg relating to angulation and the uphill leg relating to “early pressure” through an extension – both requiring pressure on the fronts of the skis. The goal was to help daisy develop a proper feel for functional physical actions and feedback and how they relate to control of speed and direction – in contrast to just inclining and letting the skis run away. First get control and understand it – speed then comes naturally when ready.

On her filmed run Daisy was already working on staying forward during the angulation and avoiding her body getting pitched back and the skis stopping turning as a consequence.

Tallulah – enjoys moguls, steeps and slalom – so she is very happy in this very steep training course. Her last photograph below shows how well she is now centering herself over her skis instead of being stuck in the backs of her ski boots as she was at the start of the week.

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